The Bardic Chef

Broiled Beholder and Other Dungeon Delicacies

About the Art

Mattias, Greg's artificer, is driven to be the best at not only his chosen craft but to also continue on the legacy of his guild. To that end he has searched far and wide to create the best dyes and most luxuriant cloths. Once his revenge is complete Mattias hopes to one day resurrect his Guild, but to ensure its prominence he requires only the best dyes and cloth.

       All weaving and dyeing is limited to what can be performed within a standard D&D game. Dyeing requires little more than a way to boil the ingredients and a few minor items to prepare the ingredients, such as a knife or mortar and pestle.
       As far as Restrictions go, I have attempted to keep the techniques and methods usable to those found no later than the Renaissance period.
       He must have all ingredients required to create an item. It's considered default that a wide range of alchemical supplies and tool kits are available to him, as long as he has access to his wagon. If not, he would have to use whatever is available nearby.
       Spellcasting is as natural to Mattias as weaving, unfortunately most magic he has access to has limited use when weaving or creating dyes.

       In most circumstances, a d20 roll is made to find out if the attempt was successful or not. Anything under a 10 is an absolute failure. 10 - 15 is basic quality. 15 - 20 is acceptable quality, 20+ is a successful attempt that will one day become a legacy of the guild. 30+ becomes a masterpiece, and work is done with the GM of that particular game to figure out what that means for her.