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Adventurers: Tynnathier [Jeremy], Bom [Amanda], Euphemia [Deborah], Rose [Kiel], Nick [Greg] EXP from this session: 6,500 total // 1,...

Session Recap - CoS - #19: The Betrayal

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Adventurers: Tynnathier [Jeremy], Bom [Amanda], Euphemia [Deborah], Rose [Kiel], Nick [Greg]

EXP from this session: 6,500 total // 1,300 each

Traded your way into Krezk - 200XP
Helped to save your companion from permadeath - 500XP
Fished the sword out of the lake - 500XP
Located Ireena - 300XP
Treasure Found: The Sun Sword

The adventurers were on a mission. They needed to get to Krezk for a few different reasons, most of which were private and kept to themselves from the rest of the group, but finding Ireena? That was at the top of the list. The druids had pointed them in the direction of this little town on the edge of the map, one they'd been warned to avoid many times over, and this time... they weren't going to be distracted. They gathered up their NPC wizard friend Victor, and off they went.

Despite all the shiny things all over the map, all the potential places they could go, they stayed true to the course, and eventually found themselves at the front gates of a heavily walled town. It looked to be in ruins, though - even this wall, despite being so thick, was clearly rotting away. The people up on the wall itself stared down at them, wearing the same moss-green color that the druids did in this valley. They asked to come in, but they were initially turned away. It seemed buying their way in wasn't going to do it either, and they had no interest in being "entertained" by the group's growing collection of puppets. One fetched the Burgomaster of the town, who agreed to let them in to trade for some weapons. The odd candy weapons the party now held did the trick in bartering their ability to stay in the town for a bit, and also a place for their wagon during the night.

The inside of the town was worse than they thought. The only building still standing in Krezk seemed to be a chapel, unless you counted the ratty old gazebo on the edge of the lake. The lake was pristine, beautiful, and trees were scattered all around. The people of Krezk, who appeared to be mostly druidic in nature, lived in animal skin and plant tents, and seemed quite happy to do so. It was their way of life. The "abbey", on the other hand, lived in the big church that had been there long before they moved in - he seemed to be the odd one out here.

Nick fired off a few detection spells, seeking to find anything unholy, undead, or celestial in the area. Oh boy did he ever. A huge, powerful burst of celestial power was coming off the church, the lake itself seemed to be magically blessed, but the gazebo... the gazebo seeped unholy, warped, twisted power that made his stomach turn. Rose and Nick decided to investigate together, while everyone else played the distraction. The rest of the party also got a really nice stash of the good stuff. 

After poking around at the Morning Lord statue - with it's eyes burnt out - on the gazebo itself, Rose discovered that there was a box underneath the gazebo. It was opened to find a sword, warped and tainted, with a blood red blade that burst out from it. Rose instantly knew what this was - the sword that Orcus was after, the one needed to bring him into this world. The thing was... Nick knew what it was too, and a stand-off occurred. 

Back at the camp, Victor was enjoying his dinner with the rest of the team when he suddenly stood, eyes glazing over, and stared blankly at the shore of the lake. This freaked out the group, and it was determined that once Victor was closed off in the wagon, where he'd be safer, they'd go and figure out where the hell their companions went.

Orcus fired a command into Rose's brain - kill Nick. It was obvious she didn't want to, and she did her best to convince the man that they should pretend to fight, and then get out of this however they could, but Nick had other ideas.
After a terrible battle between the two of them, Nick fired off a crossbow bolt, ironically coated in the same deadly poison he had collected from Prianna days before. Rose succumbed to the poison's effects, and fell dead, the sword in her arms. Nick pried it off of her, then tossed it into the blessed pool. It didn't do exactly what he had hoped - rather than the holy water purifying or destroying the sword, the sword began to taint the lake with black, bubbly, ghastly liquid. Oops.

The party caught up, and were horrified at what they had witnessed. Nick tried to play the whole thing off as Rose having gotten the sword of Orcus, and attacking him with him - but the party wasn't convinced that the reason was enough to warrant her death. Instead of outright killing their companion in revenge, they left him be, and decided to take Rose to the abbey to see what could be done, if anything, to bring her back. Euphemia broke the news to Rose's husband Victor, who was beyond broken and devastated by the news. He asked for Nick's location, and took off by himself into the night.

At the church, they found Nick standing there trying to get into the building too, and reluctantly went in as a group to talk to the man called "the abbey". They burst through the door, and explained that their companion was dead, and needed help immediately. The abbey, a very young, handsome man, agreed - but for a price. Nick instantly took on the burden of it, agreeing without knowing what the terms really were - and the abbey cast a spell that breathed life back into Rose's corpse, saving her from perma-death.

Nick informed the man that the lake was kinda fucked at the moment, and he ran out to go investigate. Nick ran after him, only to come face-to-face with an enraged Victor down at the lake's shore. Without much conversation, battle began, and Victor laid into him with spell after spell. Even hearing Rose's voice as she came running didn't seem to do much to dissuade him, but an attack by Rose took Nick down, rendering him unconscious rather than dead. Victor debated murdering the man right then and there, but the party beckoned him to keep him alive, to not stoop down to Nick's level. Angry and frustrated over their decision, Victor stormed off.

Rose went into the lake to pick out the sword, and claimed it as her own. The abbey, having seen all of this chaos, met with them on the shoreline and spoke about what was to happen next. The agreement Nick made was to find an item for him - a wedding dress, that would be payment enough for bringing Rose back into the realm of the living. This wedding dress was for a woman in town, one they would meet in the morning.
The party mentioned that they had another job to do here, to find a woman named Ireena. The man nodded, and in a slow, steady voice, said again - they would meet her in the morning.

The party's blood ran cold.


A raven's cry pierced through Nick's brain, jolting him awake from his unconscious state. He looked around, letting the memories slowly seep back in - this wouldn't do at all. The sword was still in Rose's possession after all, the possession of a servant of Orcus, and the entire party seemed to side with that ridiculousness over logic and reason. This wouldn't do at all.

Another raven's cry, softer this time, got his attention. His queen was calling for him, begging him to return home, to be by her side, to care for her, to love her.

Regardless of how desperately he wanted to part that halfling woman with that evil sword, he had to obey his queen's commands first. 

The party would awake the next morning with a portion of their supplies missing, and their handsome prince nowhere to be found. 

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